Steve Ardire - Intraspexion AI Startup Advisor

Steve Ardire
AI Startup Advisor

Steve's passion is working with "underdog" AI startups (1/2 with women CEOs/founders) by connecting the dots of business strategy, funding, go-to-market, and customer/partner engagement. He brings significant relationship capital and personal branding to the table. He responds immediately to requests for advice and is terrific with social media.

Mike Becker - Intraspexion Senior Software Engineer

Mike Becker
Senior Software Engineer

Mike created our automated system for extracting text from PACER. Now retired, but always available to Intraspexion, Mike worked for Fortune 100 companies such as Compaq, HP, Hitachi, IBM, and Microsoft. He helped create products that changed the industry such as the PowerPC processor architecture and the reliability improvements seen in Windows 2000/2003.

Elaine Cochran - Intraspexion Web Master

Elaine Cochran

Elaine has degrees in both graphic design and web design. She and the team at New Streams Studios in Sequim use their knowledge of design and content management to help Intraspexion (and other companies) put their best foot forward in regard to their web presence.

Dan Cotman - Intraspexion 2S Ventures, CotmanIP

Dan Cotman
2S Ventures, CotmanIP

Dan is the owner of 2S Ventures and is the lead patent attorney at his Pasadena, CA law firm, Cotman IP. His law firm partners with its clients and their attorneys to develop a custom strategy for their particular ideas, brand and market. We implemented his strategy to develop a patent "family."

Obi Iloputaife - Intraspexion Patent Counsel, CotmanIP

Obi Iloputaife
Patent Counsel, CotmanIP

Obi wrote 120 claims for Intraspexion's 7 patents, and all 120 claims were allowed by the USPTO, without change. Better still, he prosecuted all 7 of Intraspexion's patents from filing to issuance within the space of a single year. Trained as an engineer, Obi he was at Lockheed for 13 years, where he led development of the flight controls system for the C-17 airplane. After going to law school, he was an IP attorney for the Heckler Law Firm (2000-2006), and was then the VP & AGC for Cardinal Health (2006-2010), where he was the IP counsel for the medical devices division. He's been the Chair of the IP prosecution department at Cotman IP since 2013.


Board of Legal Advisors

Thomas D. Barton

Louis and Hermione Brown Professor of Law
Director, Louis M. Brown Program in Preventive Law
Coordinator, National Center for Preventive Law

California western school of law, San diego, california

Jim Groton

Partner (retired)

Sutherland, Asbill & BrennaN (now Eversheds Sutherland) and former President of the American College of Construction Lawyers

Atlanta, Georgia