Request our Pilot Program. Corporate counsel only.

If your company has experienced at least 50 employment discrimination lawsuits in federal court in the last five years, then, with confidentiality and a pilot agreement in place, we'll use that publicly available information to make our system more company-specific.

Then we'll send you set-up instructions, a server, and a laptop for you to use "on premises" for 21 days. You pay only for shipping.

You'll ask IT to help you set the hardware up in a war room. This way, you'll isolate our server-laptop combination from your company systems. IT should have no objections.

Then you can pilot our system by putting in (a) some Enron emails from the EDRM (for testing purposes) and (b) emails (in .pst format) from the production set(s) from one or more of your now-closed discrimination cases.

We'll never see your emails but both of us will want to know some statistics. Now here's where the rubber meets the road:

1. Did our system find one or more of the risky emails you already knew about? Great. Now compare the dates on those emails with the date the lawsuit was filed.

2. Did our system find a risky email you didn't know about?

If you answer either question "yes," then you have a Proof of Concept, using your (still private) data.


First come, first served.