AI World Conference & Expo

On November 7–9, 2016, Intraspexion made its debut when it co-sponsored the AI World Conference & Exposition 2016, which took place in San Francisco’s Parc 55 Hotel. Nick Brestoff, Intraspexion’s founder and CEO, participated in the 4-minute Fast Pitch event on November 7 and give a 20-minute talk as part of the Conference’s AI Solutions Theater on November 8. In addition, Intraspexion presented its demo video in the Emerging Products pavilion.


Sinch LegalTech Conference

On August 5, 2016, Nick Brestoff presented Intraspexion’s business case and proof of concept to the general session of the Sinch LegalTech Conference 2016 in Sydney, Australia.


Corporate Legal OPerations Consortium

On May 2–4, 2016, Intraspexion co-sponsored the 2016 Institute of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), held in San Francisco.