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A free, no-obligation pilot project

For your company to qualify for a free pilot project, your company must have experienced (and recently settled) one or more employment-discrimination lawsuits which lasted long enough for your company to have produced emails to the plaintiff, and you must confirm to us that the emails you produced contained risky or even “smoking gun” emails. After signing up with us (so you know the pricing and other terms), you can test Intraspexion’s “deep learning” system by uploading the emails from that now-closed case (in .pst format), as if they were a batch of yesterday's emails. (Please be sure not to violate any confidentiality provision in your settlement agreement.) Our UI will either surface those risky or smoking gun emails (among others) as high scoring results, or not. If you see that our system surfaced your risky emails, then just compare the dates on those emails with the date the now-closed lawsuit was filed. Would you have had enough time to investigate and proactively mitigate the litigation risk and so avoid the lawsuit altogether? 


Technologist Jeremy Howard’s TED talk in 2014 (about 18 minutes)

More on Deep Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence. Neural networks are a subset of machine learning and “deep learning” is a many-layered subset of a neural network. But “deep learning” is special and refers to a neural network algorithm that allows computers to learn. Technologist Jeremy Howard’s TED talk, seen by over 2 million viewers on YouTube and, is entitled “The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn.” It’s a great introduction to the topic.