Understand our UI in 1-minute

This presentation of our two UI screens was scripted and voiced by co-founder Larry W. Bridgesmith, Adjunct Professor of Law at Vanderbilt Law School. Copyright 2017-2018 Intraspexion Inc. All rights reserved.

If you can't see the litigation mines lurking under your ocean of data, you might want to try our Pilot Program. Free* -- but for corporate legal only.

Our starting "use case" is employment discrimination.

We already have Proof of Principle on Enron emails. So how about your emails? 

If your company has experienced 100 or more employment discrimination lawsuits in federal court from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2017, we'll use that publicly available information (which, of course, contains zero eDiscovery materials) to re-train our Deep Learning model to be specific to your company.

Then, we'll send you a server (loaded with Deep Learning language model specific to you) and a laptop for you to use "on premises" for 21 days after you receive our hardware.

You'll ask IT to help you set the hardware up in a war room and to isolate our server-laptop combination from any other system your company uses. That way, IT should have no objections.

Then you can test our system by putting in (a) some Enron emails (for testing purposes) and (b) then emails (in .pst format) from your not-public emails from the production set(s) from one or more of your now-closed cases.

You'll want to know:

Can our system find one or more of the risky emails you flagged during the case and already know about?

Can our system find a risky email you didn't know about? (Yes, we've done it before.)

If you answer either question "yes," then you have a Proof of Concept, using your (still-private) data, and then you can ask us about pricing and terms, and keep the hardware.

Or, if not, then you can ask IT to wipe your data from our server and laptop and ship our hardware back to us.*

So ask us today for the free* pilot agreement. Use the Contact Us page. First come, first served.

* means you pay shipping costs only (both ways).