The name Intraspexion comes from combining the words “intranet” and “introspection.” Looking inwards at your company’s own communications is the best and fastest way to identify internal litigation risks.

We're "new." How long will it take us to become "essential"?

Our Team of Co-Founders (click a photo for a LinkedIn profile)

Nick Brestoff
Founder & CEO

F. Scott Barker
Director, Enterprise UI Development

Dan Cotman
IP Attorney

Larry Bridgesmith
Product Manager

Mike Becker
Senior Software Engineer

Sean La Roque-Doherty

Steve Ardire
Advisor & Acting CMO

Jagannath Rajagopal
Chief Data Scientist

Norm Thomas
Business Development


Advisory Board

Z. Jill Barclift
Professor of Law,
Hamline Mitchell
School of Law

Thomas D. Barton
Louis & Hermione Brown Professor of Law,
California Western
School of Law

Harold A. Brown
Gang Tyre Ramer & Brown

James P. Groton
Retired Partner,
Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan